Natalie Werner – Cybersecurity Expert

Natalie Werner cybersecurity

Natalie Werner is a freelance writer, CISSP & CCSK Certified Cybersecurity specialist with over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. She’s also co-founder and CEO at The Alliance for Cyber Security Excellence (The ACE), an international not -for profit organization that provides cyber security solutions to reduce risk exposure from threats like hacks or malware infections by bringing together trusted experts across various fields, including information technology (IT).

As well as providing specialized operational courses on how to maintain your digital assets within IT domains such as data protection, Natalie offers strategic training designed to help organizations better understand their own business needs when it comes down to protecting against external risks brought about through technological advances

Natalie’s expertise in Health IT and CyberSecurity has made her a leading authority on this topic. She was integral to establishing Healthcare Industry’s first task force, which led them toward crafting an informative report about improving cybersecurity for healthcare companies that were presented at US Congress in June 2015

Natalie has seen the growing need for security in this new era of technology. She is responsible for ensuring that privacy laws are followed while leveraging aggregated datasets from Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries so healthcare providers can improve their services.
In addition, she works with other departments like human resources or finance who also require these types of reports when they make decisions about employees’ benefits based on specific behaviors during work hours which may indicate possible neglecting health issues–a red flag potentially indicating fraud could be raised without any further investigation!